Honsador Lumber has designed and imported an exclusive brand of cabinets for kitchens and baths known as Islander Cabinetry. Designed for island living, it is available from island inventories and comes in different door styles, stain finishes and three hardwood species. The line is established and has met with incredible success because of its quality and availability from robust Hawaii inventories.

The entry-level cabinet is the Oak Hardwood species in a distinctive raised-panel door style with a medium-stain finish. The mid-level cabinet features a Shaker Style using a Birch hardwood species and natural finish. Additional choices are available in the slightly higher priced Shaker Style in both natural and Cherry finishes. On the higher end of the spectrum sits the Kamalani product, which is made from genuine Walnut species and a modest raised-panel door style.

Islander Cabinetry is constructed using 5/8-inch-thick Hardwood plywood. There is no particle board in the product line. Cabinets feature a strong face-frame design in Mortise and Tenon construction. The quality features continue to the adjustable and concealed chrome hinges that open beyond 90 degrees for easy access to cabinet interiors. Drawer slides are heavy-duty and come in standard or soft-close function. Dovetail is standard and shelving is constructed from sturdy 3/4-inch hardwood plywood with finished edging. Cabinets are completely assembled and ready for easy installation.


Quality was a major concern, and the only way you can guarantee seamless quality is to have careful inspection of all the parts that go into each cabinet. That’s how “Quality Touch” was born. Every part is looked at and accepted during the manufacturing phase. The most important part of our “Quality Touch” program is that every cabinet is fumigated to rid all parts of insects such as termites and beetles. Insects could cause serious, unnoticed damage months after installation, when it’s too late and the damage has been done. This is a Honsador exclusive.

Islander Cabinetry was created to close the gap between domestic and marginal imported cabinets. Many imported brands leave out certain features found in domestic (U.S.-produced) cabinetry. Imported brands tend to have thinner cabinet sides, thin shelves that can sag under use, poorly constructed drawer boxes and lightweight drawer slides. There are no short cuts and weak materials used in Islander Cabinetry products. Islander is truly a high-value, affordable cabinet.

Ask about Islander Flooring and Islander Granite, two great companion products to round out the family of Islander products.

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