What is the purpose of a roof system? Does it simply keep the weather out? Blue tarps will do that — but, only for a short period of time — and only as long as the wind isn’t gusty — and, of course, blue tarps are ugly!

What we all really want is a maintenance-free roof that doesn’t leak, will stay on and will keep us dry during a severe storm. It should help to keep a home cool, be fire-safe and withstand foot traffic. We’re looking for a roof that has a 20-year track record in Hawaii’s tough, tropical marine climate, and one that will last a lifetime. By the way, it should look good as well, since half of what you see while passing by is the roof.


The Country Manor Shake (CMS) aluminum roof is such a system. It was developed by Alcoa almost 40 years ago and is currently manufactured in Ohio by Classic Metal Roof Systems. It comes with a 100 percent labor and materials, non-prorated, lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Locally, Aluminum Shake Roofing, Inc. has been installing the CMS system throughout the Islands since 1989. Rust-free aluminum roofing is not a new concept — its advantages have been proven all around the world, with some installations that are nearly 100 years old.

Beauty adds value

The first thing you notice about the CMS roof is its striking appearance. Combining the timeless beauty of hand-hewn wood shakes with 21st century design and innovation, CMS stands out from other roofing systems. A CMS roof will definitely add “curb appeal” to your home.

Say goodbye to kilowatts and hello to negawatts


One of the best ways to lower your electric bill is to stop using electricity to keep your house cool. A “negawatt” is the measure of energy not consumed.

The CMS panel doesn’t get hot in Hawaii’s sun thanks to the HI-R infrared reflecting coating and the air space included under the panel. The FoamGuard “free floating” EPS insert provides a thermal break and is a great insulator as well.

Quiet strength

The CMS roof system employs a four-way interlock and stainless-steel fasteners that actually hold the panels tighter to the roof deck as the wind speed increases. The CMS roof is incredibly strong and it’s walkable, too.


One common question homeowners have about a CMS roof concerns noise. Early metal roofs often had no structural barriers to “soften” sound, whereas today’s housing and roofing installation methods work together to form an effective sound barrier for your home’s living space. Most homeowners actually say they like the way it sounds.

It’s easy to get a free, clear and detailed written estimate. Just call Fred Rehm at Aluminum Shake Roofing and he’ll come by, prepare an estimate and explain everything you want to know about your roof.

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