Photovoltaics is creating quite a buzz among Hawaii homeowners. Also known as PV, photovoltaics is a form of solar energy.

“But instead of heating your water, it actually produces electricity,” explained Chad Matsumoto, who co-owns Alternative Electric with Bronson Apana.

Although the up-front costs may be high, there are many benefits that make PV a wise overall investment, and Matsumoto offers these examples:

Lower monthly electric bill


This may be the most recognizable benefit. Alternative Electric offers free consultations and estimates on how many PV panels are needed.

A company representative visits a home and looks at its roof design, electrical set up, electrical consumption and a homeowner’s budget before recommending a suitable system.

Tax credits

Although the initial cost for PV is high, many people may overlook the tax credits. State and federal solar energy income tax credits can reimburse up to 65 percent of the cost of a solar system.

Preserves natural environment and improves air quality

Hawaii’s electricity is mainly generated from fossil fuels. By producing electricity with a PV system, Hawaii can decrease oil demand and green house gas emissions.

Investment purposes


A PV system is one of the best investments a homeowner can make. After tax credits, the payback on a PV system is approximately six to eight years, and maybe even sooner as the cost of electricity rises.

After the system pays for itself, a homeowner can enjoy 17-19 years of virtually maintenance-free electric production. A PV system also increases the value of a home. It increases equity and it’s a hot seller, according to some Realtors.

Alternative Electric designs, installs and maintains solar photovoltaic systems. “We take care of all phases of PV installations, so homeowners get the best quality materials, design and workmanship,” said Matsumoto. “We are also a full-service electrical contractor offering residential and commercial electrical services as well as photovoltaics.”

Hawaii’s year-round sunshine makes it one of the most efficient solar energy sites in the world. For a free estimate/consultation, call Alternative Electric at 630-6741 or 285-3663.


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