By Mike Houar

Vinyl is final and here is why. In 1962, the first vinyl siding was introduced in Hawaii. At the time, the siding options were:

1. Asbestos. Need I say more?

2. Aluminum. This had a 20-year warranty and almost made it most of the time, but it dented, faded, scratched and, worst of all, had a non-treated wood backer board that attracted termites, giving everyone the idea that all sidings caused termites (so untrue).

3. Then another Mainland genius thought of steel siding for Hawaii, and of course, it rusted and failed miserably.

4. Masonite siding. The idea was to take a bunch of untreated wood byproducts and glue press and paint them. It was a terrible idea that attracted termites, needed painting, was perfect for wood rot and failed miserably.


Then there was vinyl siding. The first vinyl siding job was installed in Hawaii 50 years ago, and it’s still there today. Back then, vinyl siding only had a 20-year warranty. Was it a good value? I would say so. Fifty years later, it’s still working while there are no asbestos, aluminum, steel or masonite siding products for sale in Hawaii.

But vinyl siding is here. In fact, did you know almost every military building in Hawaii has vinyl siding as well as tens of thousands of other residential homes? Vinyl products have taken over in windows, fencing, decking, roofing and gutter products. The reason is, “Vinyl is Final.” It has a lifetime warranty and is virtually maintenance-free. No more messy painting, peeling paint, wood rot, denting, scratching, fading, mildew and termites. Tropical has more than 20 colors and eight styles of vinyl siding. It has every style option from Vertical, Horizontal and Shake to a Lifetime product that looks exactly like Hardi-board.

Now that it’s time to paint, first consider vinyl siding. Think about never painting again. Paint lasts five years and costs almost the same as vinyl today with inflation. Call the experts, owners Matt and Mike Houar, at Tropical. They have more than 30 years of experience in the vinyl siding business in Hawaii.


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