Sure, you know you can lower or virtually eliminate your monthly electricity bill with a solar electric system. What is involved with the design, build out and hooking it up to the electric grid, though? And how will you ever pay for this?

With so many questions, Hawaii homeowners truly rely on their solar professional to lead them through the process. Beware of the solar company representative that hand scribbles notes and requires multiple visits to develop an initial cost quote.

“At our first meeting with RevoluSun, they answered all my questions and even ones I hadn’t thought of. My wife and I immediately trusted our project developer, thanks to his expansive knowledge and professionalism,” said customer Andrew Gorman of Kaneohe. “He even generated us a custom quote while at our home. He was always available throughout the process, and we couldn’t be happier with the quality and service we received from RevoluSun.”


RevoluSun’s proprietary software system developed here in Hawaii, RiSE™, allows project developers to generate a price quote right on the spot at the client’s home. RiSE™ saves the customer time and gathers all the important information quickly. There is no back-and-forth with phone calls and multiple visits. Where homeowners may have once struggled with uncomfortable and sometimes intimidating sales techniques, RevoluSun puts its process on the table — literally. Using a laptop, RevoluSun’s project developer collaborates with a homeowner to create a custom solar electric system.

Through the RiSE™ software, homeowners can compare and contrast various solar technology, side by side, to determine what products are best for their roof and their energy needs. RiSE™ also acts as the source to manage the project, collecting and storing all of the client’s project information in one portal. This allows for the entire RevoluSun team to easily access project data and keep tabs from the initial quote through design and permitting. Combined with the project developer’s expertise, this technology offers clarity and efficiency so homeowners truly understand the timeline, cost and products.

“We developed RiSE™ to empower our professional developers to provide a clear, consistent quoting mechanism,” said company principal Eric Carlson. “We perfected it by ensuring it is the single source for project management from start to finish, allowing for a smoother and quicker design and installation process.”

Come on down to the show

RevoluSun will have a booth at the BIA Remodel it Right Show Aug. 10, 11 and 12 at the Neal Blaisdell Exhibition Hall.


Attendees can work one-on-one with a trained solar project developer to zoom in on their home with satellite imagery and determine the optimal solar system for their specific home, location and energy needs.

“Stop by the RevoluSun booth and quickly understand your home’s potential for solar savings,” said Eric Carlson, RevoluSun principal. “Bring your electric bill, and in just a few seconds, we’ll use our interactive software to design a customized solar system right at the show. This provides a homeowner immediate feedback on the solar power potential of their home.”

With today’s solar products, systems are guaranteed for 25 years, but expected to last 40 years or longer. At current electricity prices, a solar system pays for itself within four to five years, depending on market conditions. For a typical Hawaii homeowner, every week without a solar system can be worth $50 or more in electricity costs that would otherwise be provided by the sun.

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