Everyone’s life needs a bit of organization, so why not do it with a bit of fun and whimsy? For a new way to get organized, think charming, unique … think chalkboard paint. That’s right, the old-school chalkboard is making a stylish comeback. And with a bit of hands-on creativity, your home can be organized, stylish and enjoyable.

Definable drawers

Is your home being overrun with clutter? The best way to overcome clutter — and keep everything tidy — is to ensure everything has its own place. Labeling is a great way to stay organized and alert family members where items are. Using stickers and markers for identification can sometimes look plain and boring, and are more permanent. Luckily, there is another way to label: chalkboard paint.

Drawers are ideal for storage and come in a variety of sizes to store anything from toys to jewelry. Plus, you can find great deals on old sets at yard sales or thrift stores. To start, simply clean and paint your drawers in a color that coordinates with your room’s decor. Once the paint is dry, create a border around the front of each drawer with painter’s tape. Next, spray several even coats of Krylon Chalkboard Spray Paint inside the taped area. When the entire project is dry, use chalk to identify the contents of each drawer. And don’t limit yourself to white chalk; colored chalk can add a stylish twist to your project.

Soon, your home will feel more organized and stylish with this easy and delightful craft idea. For more project ideas, visit www.krylon.com.