As our staff at Akamai Pest Solutions is getting ready to complete our first full year of offering orange oil treatments, we are so pleased with the response we have had here on Oahu. We have had the privilege of meeting and helping so many people, and we look forward to another year of providing customers with a safe alternative to tent fumigation. We have successfully treated hundreds of houses in Oahu. Many people ask questions about our treatments, so we wanted to mention a few of the most common ones we get:

Q: Do you offer a warranty with your treatments?

A: Yes, we usually offer a warranty of two years for our organic orange oil treatment, and a five year warranty for our Termidor ground treatment.

Q: Do you treat for ground termites?

A: Yes, and we do that by placing a liquid barrier around the structure.

Q: Can I stay in the house while it’s being treated?

A: Yes, you can. Since we are only targeting the infested areas, all we leave behind is a pleasant orange smell.

Q: How do you know where the termites are?

A: We use our years of experience in thousands of inspections to locate the areas of infestation, and we have many tools at our disposal to assist us.

Q: What is the cost of treatment?

A: Our treatment cost is based on the size of the structure and amount of infestation. It may be higher than fumigation prices in many cases, but as a customer, you have no move-out costs or damage costs to worry about.

Q: Do you only treat residential homes?

A: No, we treat any type of residential or commercial structure. Business owners and tenants don’t have to move out or close their businesses.

Q: Why am I not familiar with orange oil treatments?

A: Orange oil has been used for treatments in California for 20 years and the new law in California now requires people to be out of their homes for three days. We have been using this method for eight years. For more information, visit

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