Whether it’s building a brand new home, or implementing an addition to an existing structure, Hua Xia Construction is poised to handle the job.

The family business is equipped to assist customers with everything from additions of full rooms or levels to kitchen and bath renovations that represent some of the popular requests in recent months. Hua Xia also takes pride in its smooth finishing techniques, especially on various flooring applications, where experience and professional quality are vital.


Xiang Feng Cao got his start in the construction industry while working as a carpenter in China. He eventually opened his own business and workshop there before deciding to move to Hawaii in 2000.

The skillful craftsman worked for various local companies until deciding to build his own construction team. Cao, with the help of his son, Andy, formed Hua Xia Construction in August 2008. The company draws inspiration from historic construction projects in China and Japan that have withstood the tests of time, and remain solid structures today. Hua Xia aims to help its customers build or remodel their homes in similar fashion, and brings a desirable combination of style and durability to each job.

As Andy explained, Hua Xia’s team of experienced workers receives a great deal of business via positive referrals and by prospective customers noticing other finished projects.


Hua Xia will handle the design and permitting process all the way through completion of the project, building quality structures from the ground up — or in some cases, from the inside out.

The company also provides homeowners with detailed models to aid in the visualization process, and will work to incorporate materials that are both cost-effective and of the highest quality. From minor renovations to multi-million dollar projects from scratch, Hua Xia is poised to handle the task. Cao and his staff stress customer service every step of the way, and they provide homeowners with detailed models to aid in the visualization process.

“We provide customers with a 3-D layout of their project so they can visualize what their home will look like,” Andy said. “Customers appreciate the quality of work that we provide, and a reasonable estimate beforehand that is usually met upon the completion of the job.”


contact // 636-1888
web // www.HuaXiaConstructor.com


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