As you work your way through your list of home projects, is cleaning at the bottom of the list? While a head-to-toe, thorough cleaning of the entire house can be a major task for you and your family, don’t get overwhelmed just yet.

Like any project, start with the expectation that it doesn’t need to be completed in a day, or even a weekend. Instead, start with a smaller room that can accumulate dirt and clutter — like the bathroom — and work your way to other areas of the home. Here are some tips that can make cleaning your bathroom less of a hassle.

Give cleaning a “twist”

Ever notice those unsightly water spots or fingerprints on your brushed nickel faucets?


No matter how many times they’re wiped clean, pesky spots keep showing up. One way to put an end to the cycle is to avoid spots from the start. Refresh your bathroom with new faucets featuring Spot Resist Brushed Nickel finish from Moen. The unique finish maintains the brilliance of your faucet or showerhead to help you spend more time enjoying your home … and less time cleaning it.

Create a breeze

Hot showers lasting more than 12 minutes are part of most daily routines, according to Moen research. The warm moisture from that relaxing shower, however, can cause serious mildew problems. Scrubbing a bathroom is hard enough — add mildew to the mix and it’s a nightmare.

One of the best techniques for tackling mildew is to use white vinegar. This simple kitchen product is completely natural and won’t harm your bathroom surfaces. It’s even family-and-pet-safe. Simply pour a few cups of white vinegar into a spray bottle with equal parts water and apply directly to the mildew area. Scrub the vinegar around, and you’ve got a mildew and mold-free bathroom in no time.

Once you rid your bathroom of mildew, stop the build-up from coming back by increasing the air circulation. Turn the fan on during a shower and keep it running up to 30 minutes after. Additionally, air conditioners, dehumidifiers and an open window can help decrease the moisture that can lead to mildew.

Declutter and reorganize


Vanities and sink counter tops often become a catch-all for clutter. Everything, from towels to toiletries, curling irons to cotton balls, can take over and wreak havoc on your space and your cleaning time frame.

Chances are you don’t use the multiple bottles of sample and travel size shampoos, soaps or lotions you’ve accumulated. A few bottles on hand are helpful for trips, but acquiring a drawer filled with the miniatures is only taking up valuable space in a bathroom. Luckily, your clutter can help others. Instead of throwing the bottles away, donate them to a local shelter, where shampoos and soaps — no matter the size — are constantly in demand.

Find a home for the true necessities by adding bath accessories. Items, such as shelves, towel bars or towel rings can keep items off the floor and countertop, and add a stylish look.

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