Before purchasing a new set of cabinets for your new kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, there are some important things you should consider.

First, keep in mind that cabinets account for 40 to 50 percent of the total cost of your kitchen or bathroom remodel, so setting your total budget figure will be one of the first things you’ll need to do.

Are stock cabinets for you?

Stock cabinets are the least expensive option and are constructed in standard shapes and sizes; however, they are available in a limited number of woods or finishes and offer few style options beyond basic drawers and cupboards.

If you plan on living in your home for only a short time or are working with a tight budget, stock cabinets are your best bet. But if this is going to be the kitchen or bath of your dreams, you should look for top-quality construction and materials found with semi-custom and custom cabinets.

Versatility of semi-custom


Semi-custom cabinets are factory-built in standard sizes with many options for storage, design and style. The high end of cabinet construction is custom cabinets, which are constructed in either a workroom to designer specifications or on-site in any style and finish you choose.

Semi-custom and custom cabinets provide endless solutions to your storage needs: pullout shelves for pots and pans; a lazy Susan for spices; a wine rack; vertical dividers for trays and cookie sheets; even an appliance garage or pullout bins are all just some of the standard add-ons available when ordering these higher-end cabinets.

And if your space is too narrow for a cabinet and counter, a tall pantry closet provides lots of space for pots and pans in the kitchen or towels in the bath.

Make quality your first choice

No matter what type of cabinet you select, all cabinets should have solid frames, door and drawer fronts, reinforced corners and closed backs, and the finish on the wood should be smooth.

Also, cabinet drawers and doors will be opened and closed many times throughout the day, so they should operate smoothly and quietly each time.

Cabinets help establish a mood


Finally, remember that the cabinets you select will set the tone of your new kitchen or bathroom and play a major role in transforming your space.

Browse magazines and stores to get an idea for what suits you. Look for styles that blend well with the architecture of your home as well as the interior design of other rooms. But don’t get bogged down by all of these decisions.

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