Have you ever heard of predecessor energy? Have you ever searched for a new place to live but noticed that some spaces just don’t feel good even though they look appealing? You were probably intuitively feeling the predecessor energy of the space.

What is predecessor energy?

Predecessor energy is the unseen energy of either the land itself or the former occupants of the space. Although unseen, predecessor energy is impactful because it has a life force that can be felt.

Consider predecessor energy

Before purchasing a home, or anything that has been used in the past, I always consider the effect predecessor energy can have. If I were considering purchasing two homes of equal value and desirability in the same neighborhood, I would want to know why the buyer is selling the home. If one home is being sold because of a divorce, its predecessor energy may be dense, filled with grief and sadness. If the other home is being sold because the owners are doing well financially and want to buy a bigger home, the predecessor energy may be lighter, filled with optimism and prosperity. Naturally, I would choose the latter due to the favorable energy.

Predecessor client story


One of my clients moved into a cottage without being aware of the importance of predecessor energy. A self-employed woman, her business was financially OK and for years she had been making enough to support herself. At the time she moved into her new space, her health was good, and she was close to her adult daughter and on good terms with her ex-husband, who owed her some money and was slowly paying her back.

Going downhill fast

By the time she called me eight months later, she had lost 75 percent of her clients, her ex-husband had stopped sending her the money he owed her and her relationship with her daughter had become unusually tough. In addition, she felt drained and was dealing with some medical challenges that arose after she moved into her new space. She felt as if her life was crumbling around her and wondered if her home’s feng shui was “really bad.” She called me as a last resort.

What is the problem?

As I was driving over, I didn’t know what to expect — was her door’s energy blocked? Was she sleeping under large beams? Was her bed in a disempowered position? Surprisingly, it was none of that. Of course, I made some suggestions, but nothing more than I would make on an average home visit. So I asked her who lived in the space before her.

The predecessor

According to the landlord, the man who lived there previously had been a tenant for more than seven years, but had stopped paying rent two years before he actually moved out. The tenant had lost his job, his family support and his health, and he began taking illegal drugs. The landlord started further legal proceedings after unsuccessfully trying to evict him. Ultimately, the tenant had to be forcefully carried out of the apartment.


My client had moved in only two weeks later and unknowingly walked into the predecessor energy, which was in a downward spiral. When she saw the parallels between the prior tenant’s life and hers, she knew without a doubt that she wanted to move when her lease was up. In the meantime, we adjusted the home’s feng shui and blessed it to clear as much of the energy as we could.

Moral of the story

Although that was an extreme case, it will hopefully leave an impression so that the next time you seek out a new space to live or do business in, you will make certain to research its history beforehand. Avoid spaces that you know are associated with failure, bankruptcy, physical violence, illness, chronic poverty and so on.

Clearing predecessor energy

If you are already in a space and feel that unhealthy predecessor energy is present but do not want to move, “clear the energy” with a blessing. Any type of spiritual ritual or blessing can help to “reset and refresh” the energy, making a difference to the energetic feel and impact of the unseen environment.

The good news is that if you have occupied your current space for more than seven years, energy from previous occupants is likely gone. Just the same, you may want to bless your home to give it the energy of renewal and everyone occupying the space a fresh start.


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