The solar industry is evolving constantly, which continues to bring down the cost of a typical system. Samsung has introduced a new 255-watt panel that works well with the Enphase M215 micro-inverter. It costs less than the older, less powerful panels. Samsung also has upped the warranty period for the improved panels to 10 years, which is double the industry standard. Enphase micro-inverters allow maximum production from your system and they come with free lifetime online monitoring and a full 25-year warranty. Right now, EnergyPro Hawaii is offering a summer special of $24,999 for a 4.59 kw system. This includes 18 Sam-sung 255-watt panels with Enphase M215 micro-inverters, two circuits and installation.

This is for a standard installation, which does not require electrical upgrades on standard asphalt shingle roofing. Other-sized systems are available at similar pricing, and help is always available for more challenging installations that require additional electrical work or are placed on non-traditional roofing.

Circuit penetrations reduce the number of PV systems that can be installed in a neighborhood and make system installation difficult or impossible once the 15-percent penetration level has been reached. EnergyPro Hawaii has experience with checking penetration levels and designing systems that will oftentimes work in areas that appear to be closed-off.


Keeping your solar electric system under the 10 kw threshold means that you don’t have to provide additional insurance for your system to HECO, and installing a solar hot water system with your PV system can eliminate or greatly reduce your electric bill. Solar hot water still provides the best financial return and is the most efficient form of solar power available. If you don’t already have a solar hot water system, it makes sense to incorporate one into your solar plan. EnergyPro Hawaii is licensed to install both hot water and electric systems. The company has saved many homeowners a significant amount of money and heartache by designing an overall energy solution.

Did you know that you can add solar electric panels to an existing system and get an additional tax credit, without having to add circuits or wiring? As long as it’s in a different calendar year, you don’t need to justify your tax credit by adding circuits to your system. This allows you to install a starter system or a solar electric system along with a solar hot water system and not worry about paying for extra panels that you might not need. You can monitor your electrical usage for several months to fine-tune the number of panels that you need to offset your electrical bill as much as possible.

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