No one likes the idea of doing any sort of home maintenance, and perhaps a homeowner’s least favorite thing to do is to deal with roofing problems and roofing contractors. It simply isn’t something people look forward to. Have you, the homeowner, ever wondered how you can capitalize on advances that have been made in building technology and make this the last time you have to deal with a roofing contractor?

Over the years, the development in building materials has gone in two directions. Sometimes it goes toward lower-priced products. Unfortunately, those lower-cost products also mean lower quality, a lack of reliability and a shorter life. Have you ever installed a 50 cent light switch? It’s not a good idea.

The other direction is toward products such as metal framing clips, which significantly increase the overall durability and strength of a home, so much so that building professionals would never think of not using them.


Roofing materials have also gone in two directions. One trend is toward making cheaper roofing products, where the quality and price have been lowered. Incredibly, the manufacturers’ warranties appear to have been enhanced, even though these materials don’t perform better than the older materials.

On the other hand, one aluminum roof system is a tremendous improvement over old asphalt, wood or concrete roofs. The Country Manor Shake (CMS) was developed by Alcoa in 1974, but now is manufactured by Classic Metal Roofing Systems. It is an excellent, lightweight, energy-efficient and fire-safe roofing material engineered to provide unsurpassed durability and strength, and it will not degrade over time in Hawaii’s tough marine environment. This truly is the future. Picking the right roof system is step one. If you want this to be the last time you deal with a roofer, you need to consider that the roofing contractor’s workers must have the training, experience and commitment to quality work to install the roof system properly. Aluminum Shake Roofing’s (BC-15135) craftsmen are experts in metal roofing and are the best in the industry. They have specialized in installing the CMS system for more than 23 years in Hawaii. Execution, patience, attention to detail and corporate integrity are the keys to a successful installation.

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