It’s no secret that to get a quality solar photovoltaic system for your home, business or residential development, you have to start with quality products.

That’s why Bonterra Solar, since its inception in Hawaii in 2009, has exclusively used solar products manufactured by SolarWorld USA at its 97-acre, state-of-the-art facility in Hillsboro, Ore., according to Bonterra founder and principal Andrew Yani.


“SolarWorld has been the largest U.S. manufacturer of solar products for the past 35 years,” Yani said. “That’s quite a record, especially when you consider the competition U.S. solar manufacturers face from around the world. Everything we get from SolarWorld is top-quality, is made in America and comes with an iron-clad warranty. And we augment SolarWorld’s product warranty with our own installation warranty so our customers are doubly protected.”

Bonterra was one of the first companies to use SolarWorld products, which has created a tight bond between the two companies.

In order to become an approved installer of SolarWorld products, a company has to pass a rigorous review. Not every solar installer makes the cut. SolarWorld believes that with Bonterra, it has found an exemplary company in all the categories it considers important: high-quality design work, great installation practices, high customer satisfaction, community spirit and a true desire to promote renewable energy while helping to wean Hawaii off the high cost of electricity generated by burning oil.


Yani said Bonterra gets a leg up on its competitors in Hawaii thanks to SolarWorld’s advanced solar product manufacturing process.

“SolarWorld has the largest vertically integrated solar production plant in the country,” he said. “Vertically integrated just means that SolarWorld does every step of the manufacturing process in its Oregon plant — from raw silicon all the way to finished solar panels. That’s important because it means they can control quality at every point in the process.”

SolarWorld’s corporate hub is in Camarillo, Calif., and its roots go back to 1975, making it one of the nation’s solar pioneers. It not only has survived in an industry that has seen the death of many U.S. solar manufacturers, but it also exports its products to Canada and Latin America.


“We’re proud to be associated with SolarWorld,” Yani said. “With SolarWorld’s outstanding products and Bonterra’s expert contractors, electrical engineers and installers, we are providing the best solar systems to homeowners, commercial customers and housing developments in Hawaii.”

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