How do you plan to observe the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Iniki this Sept. 11? Why not use the occasion as an opportunity to upgrade your home to better survive the next major storm?

Do you remember the video footage of large pieces of debris being blown around and roofs exploding off their houses? Driving around Kauai after Iniki revealed that one of the most popular roofs on the island was a blue tarp!


Consider what happens during a storm: As the wind’s speed picks up, it begins to exert a substantial uplift pressure on the roof’s surface. It tries to suck your roofing off the roof deck. Some roof systems such as concrete counter this force with their extreme weight, while others like asphalt composition depend on adhesives to keep them in place.

That’s not always reliable.

A better way to have a secure roof is to utilize Country Manor Shake (CMS) roofing, which has been installed in Hawaii by Aluminum Shake Roofing Inc. for 23 years. The CMS system is manufactured by Classic Products of Piqua, Ohio, and was developed by Alcoa in 1974. The CMS aluminum roof was engineered with a unique four-way interlock. The top and bottom locks feature an integral fastening flange, so there are no clips to come loose. The two side locks are formed utilizing an anti-capillary design and become invisible when they are properly engaged.


The CMS aluminum roof is fastened to the roof deck with stainless-steel fasteners. As the wind gets stronger and the uplift force becomes greater, the inter-locks on the aluminum panels begin working together, and the roof actually starts to hold tighter and tighter. It will easily withstand the 120 miles per hour wind speeds listed in the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

So, what else do you want from your roof? You want a cool roof that has a striking appearance, gives you pride when you come home and will last for years to come.

You want a properly installed roof that will hold up to the extremes of Hawaii’s environment and can withstand foot traffic. You also want a roof that is fire-safe to protect your home from airborne sparks. Call 847-8885 for a free estimate. Fred Rehm, president and founder of Aluminum Shake Roofing, will make a personal visit to your home, measure your roof, produce a scaled drawing and give a detailed estimate. He will explain how the roof system works and answer your questions to make your re-roof decision easier.


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