Big Rock is Hawaii’s largest and most unique place to shop for a myriad of garden beautification pieces, as well as for many different types of Hawaiian stone veneers to cover your walls both inside and outside your home.

Established on Oahu in 1983, Big Rock has weathered the worst economic storms and has not only survived, but prospered.

Owners Brian Joy and Bonnie Cooper are pleased and proud of their accomplishment. “It’s hard to believe that this all started 30 years ago with only Brian and I making stone in our first location behind Puck’s Alley,” said Bonnie. “Just the two of us worked together in those days, developing concrete mixes and making molds, testing and constantly learning how to improve. It wasn’t easy work, but we did all this together and made Big Rock a name and product that people trust.”


When you first visit Big Rock’s large showroom, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and impressed. There’s a huge outdoor garden, pond and waterfall display area to showcase the company’s garden goodies, and another showroom and office area just inside the front door. The stone veneer displays are in the inside showroom and on the garden walls and koi ponds.

Big Rock’s beautiful Moss Rock stepping stones and lightweight boulders are displayed in the garden area, with pavers on pallets, as there are too many varieties and sizes of Moss Rock pavers to show on the ground. The waterfalls that you see are all lightweight too, and are easily assembled in minutes once you get them home.

Bonnie and Brian, their charming and conversant manager Lori and “big bad” John, the newest addition to the Big Rock family, will encourage you to do it yourself with their lightweight stones so you can save money while creating the garden of your dreams. If you’d rather leave the work to others, they will be happy to give you names of landscapers, as most use Big Rock in their projects.

The same is true for stone veneers. Many people want to beautify planter walls or transform their property walls by covering them with stone, but expect it to be expensive. Big Rock’s staff will encourage you to do it yourself, as it’s not difficult, saves money and gives you a great sense of accomplishment.


There are many advantages to using stone veneer on a wall. The finish is permanent, requires no maintenance, looks great and adds to your property value. Lightweight stone veneer can be applied to any and all existing surfaces such as dry-wall, plywood, painted or unpainted concrete, and it has even been used on ceilings. There is no doubt that it is trickier to install on ceilings, but it looks very nice in a wine cellar or shower.

Big Rock specializes in all Hawaiian stones for its cast stone veneer, but if you are looking for a “Mainland look,” Big Rock can help you with that too because it is the distributor of Coronado Stone, which offers many different styles of stone veneer.

Big Rock has it all. If you want a garden that Mother Nature would be proud of, or walls that look exactly like the real thing, there is simply nowhere else to go. Big Rock is unique in what it does, and the company has taken 30 years to accumulate the natural stones from which it casts its lightweight copies.

Is it real or is it Big Rock? That is the question that no one can answer upon seeing a wall or rock garden from Big Rock.

Big Rock
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