The newest interior design trends are invoking a playful vibe into rooms by mixing and matching different styles for an eclectic, fun look. According to ELLE Decor, home decorating is shifting toward a more theatrical and eclectic decorating style highlighting richer colors and layers of textures and patterns, as well as a fusion of time periods, styles and atmosphere.

Homeowners who want to express their own unique style can blend a mix of traditional and contemporary elements, said Erinn Valencich, designer and blogger for HGTV’s Design Happens. Whether it’s neutral colors with a bold chair or a formal fireplace with art deco accessories, homeowners can create a space that is both comfortable and dynamic.

“Attractive eclecticism can help make your home space a truly accurate reflection of your individuality,” said Valencich. “Combining shapes, styles and colors makes a very original statement.”

Set a good foundation

Eclectic style can include a variety of periods and styles, and it’s connected through the use of color, texture, shape and finish. With such a bevy of decor options, an eclectic room can easily turn chaotic. That’s why Valencich recommends starting with a good foundation, the floors.

“I like to design a room from the ground up,” she said. “A new floor is a great place to start for a fresh look and feel; floors not only ground the room, but they provide the design foundation.


“A good strategy when designing an eclectic room is to start with a neutral-colored floor to help tie all the elements together,” said Valencich. “Gray-toned floors are the latest design trend, and they open up the possibilities for a wide range of decorating styles and color palettes.”

A neutral-color floor isn’t “blah” or unattractive, added Valencich. A floor like Quick-Step’s new Reclaime flooring in Heathered Oak serves as a pleasing canvas to create your eclectic room design, while also adding an attractive level of style and artistry to a room. This floor gives the same visuals and charm of a hardwood floor constructed from reclaimed, vintage wood, which adds depth and personality to the room.

Another advantage to a neutral-color floor is that as your room decor changes through the years, your floor will transition nicely.

“The great thing about spaces decorated in an eclectic style is they can easily be changed depending on mood, inspiration and budget,” she said. “That’s why it’s important to have flooring that is versatile enough to adapt to your changing style.”

Design principles

An eclectic room doesn’t have to be a hodgepodge or random assortment of items. “Have a planned and deliberate design,” said Valencich. “Eclectic rooms benefit from the same principles of design seen with other styles.”

Balance. “Edit your collection to create harmony and focal points,” she said. “Practice moderation with your pieces.”


Harmony and unity. “Group objects that work well together,” she added. “For example, use different chairs around your dining table, but paint them the same color to unify the look.”

Scale and proportion. “A mix of small, medium and large pieces helps balance out a room and keeps it from looking cluttered,” she said. Valencich says to keep the design principles in mind while mixing unexpected pieces to create a gorgeous effect.

Art. Create a tidy grid of art to balance out weathered pieces and graphic patterns.

Bring nature inside. Use nature to help create your eclectic look. Airy flower arrangements atop a dark, antique table give a balance of dark and light colors.

Play with textures in your room. From an old frame with the paint peeling to nubby rugs to silky pillows, textures keep the room interesting and inviting.

Personality. Let your personality shine through with what you love. Do you have a collection of seashells or other trinkets? Use those pieces in an everyday nook.


“As you create your own eclectic look, remember to be adventurous and a little daring,” said Valencich. “The most unexpected pairings can make the most refreshing looks.”