Jimmy Suh has honed his craft for more than 25 years and can quickly diagnose problems with paint jobs that have resulted in unsightly chipping and peeling.

The owner of Deep Purple Painting is a strong believer that a stellar paint job stems from proper preparation, and that there is no excuse for taking shortcuts. Suh explains that the tedious tasks of sanding down surfaces and filling in any cracks or imperfections with quality patching materials go a long way in ensuring a paint job’s effectiveness.

“A painter needs to follow the proper procedures,” Suh said. “That’s why there are so many problems here in Hawaii with painting projects. You need to sand and prime the area, and prepare it properly. It’s worth the price for a premium paint job that’s done right the first time, saving time and money in the long run.”


One of the problems Suh often encounters in Hawaii’s humid climate is the presence of mildew. The problem with the pesky growth is that it keeps expanding, even when painted over, unless treated properly during the early priming stages.

“Lots of mildew — it just won’t die!” said Suh, who uses a high-quality primer on all his projects to inhibit mildew growth and create a stronger bond with the top coat. “The mildew will keep growing under the paint unless you kill it from the start.”

Suh moved to Hawaii in early 2010 to be closer to family and friends, and brought his successful painting business with him to the Islands. The contractor spent nearly 20 years in San Francisco building his business and cultivating a sterling reputation for producing quality results. Whether the job involves painting a home’s exterior or a few walls of a commercial space, Deep Purple can cover it.

“I’ve been painting for 25 years, and my main goal is to produce a quality job — that’s the most important thing,” Suh said.


At the onset of each job, Suh confers with the owner to determine the necessary steps involved in refinishing the desired surfaces. The painter considers many factors, including the relationships between colors and how they complement one another, and presents the owner with the viable options.

Suh has cultivated a host of positive referrals from satisfied customers. When meeting with Suh, customers are encouraged to view the completed jobs in person in order to fully understand the stellar workmanship that goes into every Deep Purple project. After the look and feel of the project is determined, the client is presented with a written estimate of both the cost of the job as well as a timeline detailing the work to be performed.

“The word of mouth referrals that I receive come from the extensive preparation and excellent results from numerous jobs, both residential and commercial,” said Suh of many notable projects in both Hawaii and San Francisco. “That’s why people like how I do business.”

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