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Hawaii homeowners are following the worldwide trend of giving up carpeting for wood flooring. Shirley Pai Hilton of Pacific Imports International tells us that homeowners know they don’t enjoy the dirty, dusty carpeting and that they want the nice, rich look of wood or stone floors. But beyond that, many folks have no idea what might be best for them. They need to know that there are many choices out there, both for products and installation.


This is the reason that Pacific Imports offers its monthly free seminar,”Wood and Stone Floor 101,” conducted by Hilton. Homeowners, designers, Realtors, installers and architects are among the hundreds who have gone through the session, and Hilton is blown away by how many people come up to her to say how enjoyable the seminar was and how much they learned during the 90 minutes they invested. This was exactly Hilton’s goal — to educate the consumer!

Many readers follow Hilton’s weekly advertisement “Let’s Talk Flooring” in Hawaii Renovation, and she has radio spots with the same name on KSSK. Those are just teaser tidbits compared to the wealth of good information you will be given at the seminar. It concentrates on wood, laminate and bamboo flooring, but also addresses the basics of natural stone and tile. The general categories of each of these products are reviewed, with attention to features, explaining industry terminology, the pros and cons of each product, relevant installation information and ongoing maintenance issues.

Other topics discussed include current flooring trends, how to select the floor that is right for your decorating considerations, practicality of various options, budgeting information, green products and Hawaiian woods.


Attendees will enjoy a continental breakfast in air conditioned comfort and will leave with a wealth of information. The main feature, however, is that Hilton offers a private sale that is only for individuals who attend the seminar, and she holds strictly to that promise. Sale pricing is the lowest that Pacific Imports offers anytime, anywhere to non-dealers, and customers are amazed when they start doing their comparison shopping. You can save thousands off regular prices of the company’s famous Kahala Floors wood-flooring packages.

The next session will be held Saturday, June 16, from 10 to 11:30 a.m. at the 3,000-square-foot showroom located at 926 Kohou St. Call 847-7711 to reserve your seat today.

contact // 847-7711
address // 926 Kohou St.



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