Imagine an attractive garage floor that is easy to clean, maintain and leaves you worry-free about stains, unsightly concrete cracks or spills. Next, imagine that you can have this revolutionary new system installed in just one day with a manufacturer’s material lifetime warranty to not ever peel or delaminate. When you select one of the unique styling textures — stunning Saddle Tan, Dolphin or other Epoxy colors from Lokahi Garage Experts — you will have confidence in its unparalleled quality, lasting beauty and trouble-free durability.

The wicking technology in Lokahi Garage Experts epoxy base coat has three times more adhesion than standard epoxy or polyaspartic coatings. Lokahi Garage Experts uses polyuria, polyaspartic and clear urethane topcoats, which provide an industrial-strength floor that is flexible and just about bulletproof.


When they say that it is “Hot-Tire Resistant” they mean that it will not peel, yellow or leave an imprint. As opposed to other floor coatings, Lokahi Garage Experts’ coatings also are ultra low in VOC (volatile organic compounds) and odor, making them family-friendly. Millions of square feet of Garage Expert Epoxy have been successfully installed in homes over the past 10 years. That is why the company can offer a lifetime warranty for the floors against peeling or delaminating from the existing concrete floor. Ask a Lokahi Garage Experts representative for more details.

Lokahi Garage Experts Epoxy products are not limited to interior garage surfaces; They can be used on exterior concrete areas as well, such as walkways, pool decks and on the lanai. Call Lokahi Garage Experts today for a free in-home estimate for your garage, lanai walkways or wherever you may wish to have a stylish and durable finish over existing concrete.

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