When addressing a bathroom project, cost will inevitably determine the route one chooses as to whether to replace or refinish the bathtubs. While the investment in bathtub refinishing may sound expensive compared to the cost of buying a new bathtub, one must always remember the labor involved. The actual work is what determines the cost far beyond materials. Just as a $20 part for your car may run you hundreds of dollars, such is the case in both bathtub refinishing and replacement.

A common phrase that Al’s Bathtub owner Al Fernandez hears from potential customers is, “I can buy a new tub for half that price.” Another one is, “That sure is an expensive price to paint something.” What both of these customers’ expressions have in common is that they don’t take into consideration the amount of work and time involved in these projects.


The process that Al’s Bathtub Refinishing uses is not merely coating the existing porcelain with paint. The enamel is a highly durable acrylic urethane made to withstand standard bathtub use. It can be compared to painting an automobile more than to painting a wall in your home. Though there are certain restrictions on cleaners that one may use, a refinished bathtub can endure everyday bathing, hot water temperatures and normal cleaning.

Before a bathtub can be refinished, all of the mistreatment and its remnants must be addressed. Bathtubs can collect years of soap scum, body oils and cleaner residue trapped beneath the pores of the surface. They also can be subject to deep pitting and staining after the protective coating wears away. Before the first coat of enamel can be applied, each bathtub has to be cleaned thoroughly. A compound must then be used to etch the tub. After the surface is completely clean, dry and free from debris, the bathtub must be masked off so that no other area beyond the tub is refinished. Finally, the enamel is sprayed on in several coats, giving you a new glossy finish.

All in all, bathtub refinishing makes the most sense in terms of cost effectiveness. Al’s Bathtub Refinishing also specializes in fiberglass tubs and showers, cultured marble and tile. Call Al’s Bathtub Refinishing for a free estimate at 679-8297, or email alsbathtubrefinishing@gmail.com.


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