As a follow up to and to balance the tips I gave to women on positive feng shui action to best support the man of the house, today’s article addresses what men can do to best support the woman in their lives.

Steven Hawking, renowned theoretical physicist who has solved many of the universe’s mysteries, publicly admitted that the biggest mystery to him is still women. Men, I know that sometimes trying to figure out what makes the woman in your life happy is at best complicated and at worst a never-ending puzzle, but light is at the end of the tunnel. These simple rules can bring balance to your relationship:

If Mama ain’t happy …

Does this well-known statement hold true in your home? “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” If so, maybe it’s time to try a new approach using some feng shui action to bring in more peace and happiness.

Yin and yang

First, some basics: In Asian philosophy, yin and yang represent the “feminine” and “masculine” principles. The origin of this philosophy came from the observation of nature and the environment, where “yin” referred to the shady side of the slope, while “yang” referred to the bright sunny side.


As time went on, the yin-yang theory was applied to all aspects of life and people. Feng shui experts observed that when complementary opposites of polarity existed in equal measure, balance and centeredness reigned, while too much of one and not enough of the other created imbalance.

While yang is associated with the qualities of the male in the form of bright, hot, outward and active, yin is associated with the female and is more peaceful, having qualities such as subdued, cool, downward, rest and calm.

The four bodies

Each human being has “four bodies” — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual — that can be divided into yang (physical and mental) and yin (emotional and spiritual). Females are more naturally aligned with the emotional and spiritual bodies, while men are more naturally aligned with the physical and mental bodies.

When men apply stronger yang techniques in the home, the yin energy (the women) becomes more centered and balanced. In other words, use your body and brains to appeal to her emotional-spiritual nature. Try it and see!

1. Actively listen to what she has to say (without giving advice)

Give the woman in your life yang energy by reaching out and “tuning in” to her, noticing her mood and feelings and validating them.


What can you do? Instead of giving her time alone, which may be your preference, spend time with her and actively listen to what she has to say, making sure to avoid giving her advice or telling her what she should do. Just be present and listen.

2. When you do say something to her, make it a sincere compliment

Speak positively and supportively to help center the woman in your life, balancing any negative thoughts she may be having.

What can you do? Find something that she does well or that you admire about her, and compliment her on it sincerely and from the heart.

3. Show her you care by using the memory power of your brain

Women feel you care when you remember things that are important to them.

What can you do? Remember important dates such as birthdays, planned events and anniversaries, marking your calendar to prompt yourself if need be. For an extra bonus, without being asked first, take action on something you know she wants you to do.


Men, you may be rolling your eyes at this point, but remember: If Mama ain’t happy, what have you got to lose?

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