Renovations large and small can be challenging and stressful. There are not only material costs to consider, but also the schedules of installers and product availability need to be addressed. However, with proper planning, even the biggest project can be less stressful and yield a ton of savings.

The first thing that consumers need to contemplate is that desirable products might not always be in stock. Nothing is more stressful or frustrating than wanting a particular item only to realize it is not available when the time comes to install it. Even the largest warehouses may not have a specific brand or model in stock. It’s always in the consumers’ best interest to start shopping for materials at least three months in advance. Hawaii is a particularly difficult market because some products can take up to three months to arrive. Also keep in mind that desirable products sell quickly. At Hawaii Home Expo, materials like Brazilian Quartzite and Golden Ray random mesh are often sold before they get to Honolulu. It’s virtually a must to place an order and a deposit on fast-selling products.


Another concern for homeowners is cost. Materials are obviously going to have a price tag, but smart shopping can ease the impact on the check book. Several approaches can yield a lot of savings. First, it’s always a good idea to look for a one-stop shop. Many stores will discount materials based on quantity, so if a lot of different types of products are being purchased, there’s a good chance that all of them will be marked down. Second, it always helps to ask if there are any clearance items. This pertains not only to what a store currently has in stock, but also to businesses they distribute to that could have products they want to move as well. Lastly, when shopping for flooring or countertops, start as soon as possible. This will not only save money, but it also allows for a much greater variety of selection. For natural stone flooring, specialty sizes are produced at international factories. At Hawaii Home Expo, it’s not uncommon to get Peruvian Travertine tiles as large as 36 inches by 36 inches, but a special size like that could take three to four months to arrive in Honolulu.

In brief, even the largest renovation doesn’t have to seem like a monster. Start shopping early at Hawaii Home Expo, located at 2933 Koapaka St. in Honolulu.

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