Happy Father’s Day! Today is the perfect day to talk about what you can do to best support the man of the house using positive feng shui actions. For the most part, men are uncomplicated and need very little to make them comfortable. Energetically enhance Dad’s life and make him a happier, healthier and more productive person on Father’s Day.

Most females reading this column are probably thinking, “As if I don’t do enough already!” Yet, by strategically supporting the man of the house, you may just inspire him to be an even better partner or father! Sometimes you have to give a little to receive more.

The yang father

In feng shui, the ultimate yang symbol comprises “male” energy, representing all that is projected outwards in the form of activity, drive, strength, giving and expansion. Men are traditionally considered the breadwinner, the leader, the main provider and the patriarch, and even though nowadays females share the role, men still energetically feel that they are responsible for everyone in the family.

This may not be appropriate for every man of the house, especially nowadays with so many men already acknowledging and embracing their divine feminine energy. But for those who are still more yang, an infusion of yin energy may be just the thing to tip the balance.


Yin characteristics are directed inward as peace, rest, receptivity, reflection and nurturing. The more “yin” the environment (including the people in the environment) the more centered the yang energy will become.

As a Father’s Day “gift,” try infusing yin energy into dad’s environment for a week or a month to see what happens. At first my suggestions may seem shocking and outdated, but they will change the dynamics of your household and can turn into a win-win for all.

Rule No. 1: Give him peace and quiet and privacy

To be balanced, the yang male needs periods of peace and quiet in order to recharge and rebalance his energy.

How does your family do this? When he comes home from work, greet him with a calm and serene “Hello! Nice to see you home!” Make sure to avoid accusations, negativity or requests for action. Let him relax and decompress in his favorite spot.

Rule No. 2: Give him some nurturing

After he decompresses and emerges from his private cave of choice, shower him with yin energy.


How does your family do this? Treat him like “king for a day.” Prepare his favorite foods and support his desire to watch sports on TV or engage in his favorite pastime with or without you.

Rule No. 3: Give him some appreciation

To balance any challenges he may have had outside the home that day (challenges stimulate yang energy), help even out his temperament with positive energy.

How does your family do this? Take some time to tell him how much you appreciate him, pointing out his physical, emotional, mental and spiritual strengths.

Women, this column may sound like something out of the 1950s, but even when the man of the house has embraced his feminine side, balancing the yang energies with yin energy can shift the dynamics of the family so that everyone gains.

Next column? What the family can do to help balance the females in the home — of course!


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