Are you considering building a new structure or adding on to one? If you are, you need to be concerned about the framing materials that will go into your project. If you are hiring a general contractor, you should know what framing materials they are planning to use. If you or your builder is choosing to use framing lumber, then you are making a very good choice — one that will give you years of dependable service, strength and comfort. Not all the lumber available in Hawaii is the same from supplier to supplier. Honsador Lumber has set a new standard for wood framing in Hawaii.

In conjunction with Pacific Northwest lumber mills such as Weyerhaeuser, one of the best in the industry, Honsador brings you what is known as Honsador Premium Lumber. Sourced from sustainable and well-managed forests under the watchful eye of the Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI), only the highest-quality Douglas Fir is imported for use by builders and homeowners alike.

Honsador’s lumber buyers specify that their timbers have to be free of heart (the center of the tree) and free of wane (absence of bark on the four long edges of the piece) in most cases.


Builders get Honsador Premium Lumber in record time from the mills. Shipments leave the Pacific Northwest every week. Upon arrival, Honsador Premium Lumber is quickly processed through a HiBor treatment. This is a time-tested and very successful, non-toxic termite and fungus treatment that provides a 20-year, $5,000 warranty to qualified projects. The lumber is then positioned for sale and is considered the freshest, cleanest and easiest-to-nail lumber in the state.

Honsador Premium Lumber is the new industry standard for quality, freshness and appearance. Here are some points to consider:

• Wood will not rust.

• Wood is resistant to heat gain (wood is 400 times less heat conductive than steel and 8 1/2 times less than concrete).


• Wood is a renewable product.

• Wood framing is the least expensive framing medium, preferred by builders and offers superior thermal performance as well as acoustic absorption.

You’ll get all these benefits at Honsador Lumber. Others claim to have high-grade materials and great service, but at Honsador Lumber, the company delivers on that promise every day, hundreds of times a week and on each and every order. Look for the name Honsador Premium Lumber. It only is available across Honsador Lumber’s seven locations in

Hawaii, from Hilo on the Big Island to Kilauea on Kauai. Honsador Lumber has proudly served Hawaii’s builders and homeowners for the past 77 years. Call 682-2011 on Oahu or visit them at


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