Are you looking to lose weight or start exercising and eating foods that better support a healthy lifestyle? Have you decided that there is no better time than now to start your own personal health kick? That being said, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to making this decision as this could differ from person to person. You just need to make sure that it’s the right time for you. Of course, some people like to read something like these PhenQ Avis (PhenQ Reviews) to see how the use of particular supplements can help to improve their energy and metabolism so they can get a head start in their journey to getting fit. When you commit to a life that optimizes your health and longevity, use your home to maximize your results and support you in making positive changes.

Feng shui says that when something physical is changed, mental and emotional changes follow. Scientific (quantum mechanical) and psychological evidence shows that making changes to your environment causes the synapses in your brain to change their firing pattern, leading to a corresponding change in you. So, when your home is healthy, vibrant and active, those living in that environment may begin to mirror that same energy.

Here are some ways your home can help you with your emotional and physical health goals:

• Get a full-length mirror.

Place a quality mirror in a spot that you pass often so that you get a clear and accurate reflection of yourself in the “now” to help you stay present, rather than stuck in the past.

• Lighten up your home.


Put your house on a diet, and every day remove something you no longer need. Diminish the weight of your home and see your own pounds drop as well.

• Put healthy reminders around.

Rather than keep unhealthy junk foods around, get rid of them and place a bowl of fruit on the kitchen counter instead. Keep bottles of water in a convenient spot and adorn the kitchen and dining room area with images of a healthy lifestyle.

• Eat only when seated at the table.

Eat at the dining room or kitchen table to encourage eating consciously rather than unconsciously in front of the television or computer. Respect and honor the process of eating and you will find that you eat less and your digestion improves.

• Choose natural light to eat with.

When it comes to supporting your health, natural light is important because it boosts and balances your energy. Open your curtains, clean your windows and let natural light into your home.

• Avoid too much red.

Red, a “fire” color, reflects an important element, but an overabundance of fire colors (including orange, purple, yellow, bright pink, coral, burgundy) can work against you and increase your appetite. So keep red out of the kitchen (try greens or blues), and avoid wearing it when you eat out. Soft, light pastel colors will calm your energy and appetite.

• “Hide” your kitchen.


If the kitchen is the first thing you see when you walk into your home, you may be triggered to eat without being truly hungry. Until you form new habits, enter your house from a different area, or if that is not possible, place a large piece of artwork or a mirror within sight to draw your eye away from the kitchen so that you are less likely to stray.

• Use square plates with a dull versus shiny finish.

Square plates with a dull finish and darker colors represent grounding earth energy and encourage slow eating and a calm appetite. Eating fast gives the brain little or no chance to signal us when we are full.

• Do an overall health check of your home.

Walk around your home with a garbage bag and throw out anything old, out of date, or that adds clutter, especially old magazines, newspapers and expired foods. “Decluttering” your home can create a wonderful energetic boost for your health.

Use your home for maximum support

Improving the energy flow in your home with feng shui can support and encourage change in your life, and help you manage and maintain your weight and health goals. Make your home your partner in health.

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