The cool-roof movement in Hawaii has spread like a brush fire in August. Everywhere you look you see elegant white roofs cooling down the homes they are attached to all around Honolulu. AC bills are often reduced by 25 percent or more. Roofs that used to be torn off and replaced are now being preserved and protected from destructive UV and infrared rays for the lifetime of the structure.

But what happens if your homeowners association won’t allow a white roof? Perhaps you have a million-dollar ocean view that is obscured by the glare from the first story roof below you. Or maybe you just want to fit into a neighborhood that has mostly dark-colored roofs. Does that mean you have to suffer through yet another hot summer?


Now you don’t have to. NXT Cool Zone has developed a tough, fade-resistant roof paint that keeps your roof cool even when using dark colors like charcoal gray or brick red. How does it do this? By using modern nanotechnology, the company developed an infrared heat shield that keeps heat from penetrating the roof. The proprietary formula keeps its paint from fading in the sun. As a world leader in roof paint for 42 years, the company’s paint has restored more than 750,000 roofs worldwide and offers a 12-year warranty. The movement started off in Australia, where metal and concrete tiles are the most popular forms of roofing. Then, it expanded to Southern California, where the roofs have rapidly grown in popularity because they comply with tough cool-roof standards in Title 24 (also known as the California Building Standards Code). Now, the Cool Roof Store has brought this technology to Hawaii.

Monier tile roofs

Since they are so expensive to replace when their protective glaze burns off, Monier tile roofs are the most popular roofs being restored worldwide. With NXT Cool Zone, you can choose from three different primers that can be used to seal up the weathered tile, depending on how bad the surface is. If it is down to bare concrete, the company recommends its Master Primer to start off with. Then you apply two finish coats and you’re done.

Metal roofs

Whether they are corrugated panels or shingles, these types of roofs are perfect candidates for a renovation. All the panel laps are covered with a special Butyl rubber tape to prevent leaks. Then a metal primer is sprayed or rolled on to prevent rust. Finally, two coats of NXT Cool Zone are applied to create a hard, shiny infrared heat shield that resists dirt pickup, mold and mildew.


NXT Cool Zone is enhanced with surface cleaning nanotechnology for improved dirt resistance and water beading. The result is a next-generation, high-performance roof coating with superior durability that is heat reflective, 100-percent waterproof and has a guaranteed long-lasting, beautiful appearance.

Asphalt roofs

Whether you have asphalt/composition shingles or any sort of flat roof, you can waterproof it with an elastomeric coating such as Hawaiian SunGuard Ceramic or Apoc Sta-KOOL. The advantage of these coatings is that you can tint them to a large variety of custom colors ranging from light pastels to medium colors. You can’t use truly dark color as you could with NXT Cool Zone because there might be too much heat buildup in the home or premature fading. However, if you simply want your sloped roof to blend into the neighborhood, a beautiful medium tone will work nicely. Silicone coatings such as GacoRoof usually only come in white, tan or gray. However, the company has recently come out with a grass green that is beautiful. More colors are expected to come soon.

To see this exciting new technology in action, come to the Cool Roof Store at 575 Cooke St. in Kakaako. Talk to the paint-splattered experts who help customers save money by selecting the right coating for their roofs. One size does not fit all. If you need a licensed contractor to install it for you with a long warranty, the company can help with that too. Call 591-1900 for a free quote.


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