If you’re planning to “go solar,” go with Bonterra Solar, one of Hawaii’s fastest-growing solar energy companies. Bonterra thinks many homeowners are ready to catch the wave — the heat wave — of energy savings they’ll enjoy after they have a state-of-the-art solar photovoltaic (PV) system installed.

“Solar energy systems have been around for years, but only now are so many Island homeowners realizing that clean, green, affordable solar energy isn’t an ‘extra’ for today’s homes, it’s essential,” said Andrew Yani, Bonterra Solar’s founder and principal. “There are a lot of solar companies in the market, so it’s important that homeowners understand the differences when it comes to choosing a solar installer.”

For Yani, the key to selecting the right solar company is simple: quality.

In Hawaii’s highly competitive, rapidly growing solar power industry, Bonterra Solar has been a rising star. Since it was founded in 2009, Bonterra Solar has achieved more than $6.5 million in sales. That only could have happened because Bonterra was doing something right. And that something, according to Yani, is using quality materials, ensuring quality installation and providing quality post-installation support with unmatched warranties and system monitoring.


“We use top-quality materials right down to the bolts,” Yani said. “Bonterra was the first certified SolarWorld installer in Hawaii. We exclusively use Solar-World PV panels, and we have since day one.”

SolarWorld, based in Hillsboro, Oregon, has been the largest solar manufacturer in the U.S. for the past 35 years, and it produces advanced American-made solar panels and systems in its four production plants on a 97-acre campus. SolarWorld provides a 25-year “power production” guarantee and product warranty. That’s backed up by Bonterra’s 10-year workmanship warranty, Yani said.

There is no typical solar system for any home. “We specialize in custom, expandable systems,” he said. “From the solar panels to the racking systems securing the panels, to the micro-inverters — which convert the “DC” electricity generated by the panels to the “AC” current used in homes — right down to the aluminum flashing used to keep water from seeping inside your attic … the system is designed to suit your particular house and your specific energy needs,” Yani said.

If you are going solar with Bonterra, you also can expect to get your system up and running with a variety of financing options. You can get the entire system installed with a no-money-down payment plan. Or you can get a “Clean Energy Loan” from American Savings Bank, which has qualified Bonterra for its “Clean Energy Loans” list.

Going solar with Bonterra also means you are going with a company that has a track record of quality installations, large and small. Along with serving individual homeowners, Bonterra works with major Island developers.


Bonterra installed solar systems for 19 homes in the Kaupuni Village development in Waianae, a Hawaiian Home Lands project that was the first “net-zero” sustainable community in the entire country.

Bonterra is the exclusive PV systems subcontractor for Gentry Homes and also installs solar systems for Graham Builders, which has been building homes in Hawaii since 1990.

Along with quality installation, warranties, financing and the use of top-notch quality materials, an-other reason to go with Bonterra when you go solar is because you’ll be going with a local company with a heart. Bonterra not only installed the solar systems in Kaupuni Habitat for Humanity Village, but it continued to work closely with homeowners to help them learn to maintain energy-efficient homes.

Bonterra also works with Honolulu Habitat for Humanity, the nonprofit that builds simple, affordable homes for those in need. Bonterra installs a free solar hot-water system for each new Habitat house.

Yani, who was recently elected vice president of the Hawaii Solar Energy Association (HSEA) board of directors, is proud of Hawaii’s solar industry and its members. Not surprisingly, however, when pushed to pick the top solar company in town, he said, “If you’re going to go solar, go with Bonterra.”


Bonterra Solar is located at 4218 Waialae Ave. #A203 in Honolulu. For more information, visit www.bonterrasolar.com or call 548-7657(SOLR).

address // 4218 Waialae Ave. #A203
contact // 548-7657(SOLR)
web // www.bonterrasolar.com


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