Necessity is the mother of all invention. This saying is true. And to Tropical Wholesale and its president, Matthew Houar, who has been doing vinyl siding in Hawaii for more than 30 years, the proven success of vinyl siding must be taken seriously as the way to keep up with the constant maintenance of your home.

Vinyl siding has been in Hawaii since the 1960s and the results are in. There are thousands of homes protected with vinyl siding right now, and Tropical Wholesale has worked on many of those homes. And like those homes, you can reap the benefits of having to never paint your home again. Vinyl siding is proven over the years to not chip, crack, peel or stain while protecting your home from our harsh salt-air conditions. Vinyl will retain its color with only a 1 percent fade factor and also can serve as the added insulation you need to reduce your home’s temperature. And all this has been proven through the test of time right here in Hawaii.


When Houar started the company in the ’70s, paint had lead, mercury and other harsh chemicals. Back then, a paint job would last from eight to 12 years. Nowadays, however, many of the chemicals in paint have been removed, resulting in expensive paint that usually lasts between two and five years.

As a result, thousands of Hawaii consumers have turned to vinyl siding and discovered great results. Vinyl siding always looks good, and you only need to wash it with soap and water occasionally to keep it clean for a lifetime.

Tropical Wholesale also has programs to address wood rot, salt rot and termites, as these are always on homeowners’ minds. There are vertical, horizontal and shake styles to choose from, and lots of colors are available. All come with a lifetime warranty.


So if it’s time to protect and take the high maintenance away from your home, call the experts at Tropical Wholesale. As a bonus, if you are a Sam’s Club member, Tropical can install all Sam’s Club-approved products and provide the best warranties available. From the 100-year-old home in Manoa to the new home in Mililani, Tropical Wholesale has the answers.

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