Glass Block allows natural daylight into your home for positive energy while providing the unique combination of timeless beauty and the added benefits of privacy and insulation.

The knowledgeable staff at Hawaii Glass Block will help you with your design.


When you provide them with your size and a general idea of what you want, the staff can do the rest.

Hawaii Glass Block can pre-construct your panel into modular sections that make it easy and economical for you to install in just a few hours. You can convert your shower into a walk through with no door or shower curtain. With the company’s new line of Mulia Glass Block, Hawaii Glass Block can fabricate thinner-shaped walls to fit any bath area. If you have room for a bathtub, you have room for a glass block shower panel.

Hawaii Glass Block also can install your glass block or assist you in determining what you will need to “do-it-yourself” using our “Stack & Grout” method. The vinyl spacers are adhered to the glass blocks with the adhesive provided. The vinyl spacers perfectly space and align the units, and the joints are finished with a high-strength water repellant and stain-resistant grout.


Glass block also can be used in kitchens, stairways, reception areas, windows, hallways and as room separations.

When you call Hawaii Glass Block, make sure you ask about the Wedi Waterproof Shower System. The shower pan is available in several sizes that will easily adapt to your layout. All shower pans are pre-sloped to the drain and “ready-4-tile” in approximately two hours. The entire system with the pan and wallboard is 100-percent waterproof and comes with a 10-year system warranty.

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