At the top of most home remodeling projects is the kitchen or a bathroom. But the homeowners should also consider investing in the exterior of their homes — maybe even start there.

The reason is simple: The exterior of your home should set the tone for the interior look and feel. And author and architect Sarah Susanka notes that the first impression is critical to the long-term value of your home.


Here are Susanka’s tips for remodeling:

• Before you lift a hammer, hire an architect to create a master plan for your home, which will guide your remodeling efforts for years to come.

• To enhance the connection between the exterior and interior, think about the first impression that you want to give a visitor. Decide what tone and message you want your home to communicate.


• Choosing some of the new sustainable products that are entering the remodeling marketplace, such as APEX Siding, which is made from pultruded fiberglass and will never need to be painted, is far better than repainting your home multiple times over the course of its life.