Your home is probably the biggest financial asset that you own.

Unlike a car, computer or big screen, it is an asset that will appreciate instead of go down in value each year. So, it makes financial sense to invest in it, and protect that investment.

Did you know that Anlin energy-efficient doors and windows give a 120-percent return on your initial investment? And, like your home, that investment will appreciate year after year.


Windows Hawaii guarantees the installation of Anlin doors, windows and siding for your home for the life of your home — a warranty that is transferable if you sell your home.

But that isn’t the best part. How about an investment that grows in value over time as well as:

Improves the appearance of your home. Make your home look new with new windows and siding. It can benefit from a facelift after 40 years!

Makes your home more secure. Jalousie windows are easily broken into. Anlin windows are top rated for security with “cam” locking systems, double-strength glass and dead-bolt locks that allow you to lock your windows open so you get the breeze you want without sacrificing security.


Maintenance-free. Anlin windows have Neat glass, which repels dirt and does not water spot. The Mikron vinyl frames are easy to clean and do not corrode or pit like aluminum in Hawaii’s salty environment.

Long lasting. Our acrylic/vinyl siding will last a lifetime and you will never need to paint again. This siding also adds insulation to your home and is a deterrent to termites. Our Hardie cement-board siding looks like wood, but will not weather like wood, and is impervious to termites.

Makes your home more comfortable. Anlin windows with the dual pane and InfinitE energy coating will keep your home cooler during the summer months. If you use air conditioning, you will save up to 35 percent of your energy costs each month.

It makes sense to invest in your home, improve its appearance and comfort and reduce maintenance and energy costs. Call Windows Hawaii for a free in-home demonstration and estimate.


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