“Out, damned spot!” The well-quoted words, spoken by Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, could certainly be applied to the white spots on our shower doors, shower heads, shower faucets and sinks.

Harald von Sydow, director of Nano Tek-On, may not be a 21st century Shakespeare, but he does know how to get rid of the white spots (limescale deposits). “It’s easy,” he said. “Nano Tek- On’s little HydroFlow unit is specifically designed to stop limescale buildup. HydroFlow technology can reverse lime- scale buildup, increasing the efficiency of water heaters, reducing faucet leaks and extending the lifespan of water- using appliances.”


As von Sydow describes, limescale invasions cause a scary series of events: First you wipe off the spots, then they return and soon you can’t wipe them off anymore. Limescale is damaging your bathroom and kitchen fixtures. While the visible limescale has distracted you, it is invading every water-using appliance in your home or building complex.

It is not only hiding from view, but also coating the workings inside your dishwasher, washing machine, ice maker, water heater, solar equipment and pipes leading to them.

In Hawaii, we all are victims of the limescale invasion. According to some research studies, limescale reduces the performance of appliances by 30 percent or more, and short- ens their life span, which costs you hundreds of wasted dollars. You may have noticed how often you seem to be calling a plumber to fix a leaking toilet and shower valve. That’s because limescale buildups cause leaking every two years on average. Limescale leads to corrosion and can even produce waterline breaks.


When a HydroFlow unit is installed (easy to do it yourself or Nano Tek-On will install it for you), randomly varying electric fields are introduced to the water throughout the entire plumbing system, breaking up corrosion and limescale precipitates. The suspended particles wash away in the flow. The director of Nano Tek-On emphasizes that HydroFlow can be installed on any kind of pipe, including plastic and lead. Any plumbing that uses brass, stain- less steel or any material with untreated high-zinc content will accumulate limescale.

HydroFlow normally dissolves existing scale in just a few months. It also reduces algae and bacteria in swimming pools, solar systems, appliances and hot water heaters. HydroFlow is consistently effective, reliable and maintenance- free. It soon pays for itself in energy and water savings as well as the time and cost involved in removing the white spots. For a fraction of the cost of installing new plumbing, Nano Tek-On can install a HydroFlow unit in your condo, home or commercial building.

Nano Tek-On specializes in environmentally friendly surface treatments including sealants for glass and natural stone, antimicrobial coatings and self-clean- ing surfaces. To learn more about HydroFlow and how it can get rid of the limescale invasion, call 395-2996 or visit nanotek hi.com.