Between work, school, children’s activities, family obligations and travel plans, today’s busy families are left with little time to keep their homes tidy and well-organized. Follow these tips to learn to prioritize your home organization needs, delegate responsibilities and ultimately save valuable time:

• Make a plan: Keep a small journal in which you list all the areas you would like to tackle before the summer.


“Busy families need a good system of organization — places to put things and labels for identifying what you’ve stored, so you can easily find whatever you need quickly and easily,” said Martha Stewart, founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

• Teach your family to pitch in: If you’re the main housekeeper, it’s reasonable to ask family members to help with chores such as loading the dishwasher, picking up toys, taking out the trash and doing the laundry.

• Stick to a schedule: The new Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery line at Staples offers dryerase weekly planner calendars, allowing you to create chore charts for family members and assign each task a time slot or day of the week.


These simple steps make home organization more enjoyable and manageable for a busy, active family.