Energy-efficient skylights are appealing home improvements on several levels. First, they create a dramatic impact by opening a room to the sky and admitting ample, healthful natural light. Second, they can impact your home’s energy efficiency by reducing dependency on artificial light sources and providing passive ventilation (if you opt for a venting skylight, which can be a great way to passively move moist air and vapors from inside a kitchen or bath).

Add accessories like manual or solar powered remote- operated blinds, and your skylights further underscore the overall design theme of your room. Blinds are available in a range of colors and patterns to complement virtually any room design, and they enhance the efficiency of the sky- lights by helping you control the amount of light or heat that enters or leaves your home.

While Energy Star-qualified skylights function like a window to admit light and fresh air, they’re less limiting to your overall design. Typically, skylights get installed on a blank slate — the ceiling — whereas adding a window would mean giving up wall space that you could use for artwork, a wall mural or other design accents.

And long gone are the days when skylights were a design feature limited to placement on the top level of your home. Now, there’s a skylight format that will work in virtually every room of your house. Visit to learn more.