I often get calls to perform house blessings because of stagnant energy. While blessings can help clear out old energy and revitalize the space in a positive way, a blessing is not always what is needed.

One woman contacted me recently and asked me to perform a blessing because she felt her home needed fresh energy. Everyone in the house seemed to be tired, unmotivated and stuck in some area of his or her life. The woman read somewhere that a blessing or a “space clearing” could help.

When I got there, I did the blessing and “cleared” the energetic atmosphere, but I felt that what she really needed was a good old-fashioned cleaning. Her floors, furniture, shelving, corners, plants and countertops were extremely dusty and grimy. The physical aspect of a home is just as important as the energetic aspect.

Yin energy

Dust, dirt and grime are considered “yin” energy. While yin energy is good for peace and rest in the form of dim lighting, in the form of uncleanliness, it draws our energy down. The more dust, the more negative and draining, rather than invigorating and revitalizing. No wonder the family felt as they did. Even though the home had no clutter, another source of low energy, it was coated with dust for literally years.

Clean home energy


When your home is clean, it supports prosperity, efficiency and relaxation. Think about how you feel when you walk into a clean home. Do you feel sad and depressed, or do you feel light and filled with possibility? Some people tell me they use incense to burn off yin energy, but when the yin energy is in the form of uncleanliness, a house-cleaning is the answer.

Old dust, old energy

When you have a lot of dust in your home, you are in a rut, hanging onto old unsuccessful energy. A rut is a shallow grave with two open ends. So if you find yourself in one, do everything you can to get out of it. Set aside a time to clean. If you do not schedule a time to do it, it is not real, and you will never get around to it.

Here are suggestions to remove the negative yin energy caused by dust and grime:

Hire someone to help

Most people immediately say, “I can’t afford to hire someone.” However, in my line of work, energy equals money. If you have low energy, you can’t be optimally productive. If you choose to put out energy (money) to hire someone to do what you don’t want to, you will gain energy in another form and feel inspired to be productive.

Think “top”

If you insist on doing the cleaning yourself, start by going to the top. Dust loves to settle on top of all our things: cabinets, shelves, refrigerators, computers, baseboards, artwork, counters, etc. Have a “top” day and clean the top of everything.

Spend time at the corners


Next, go to all the corners. Clean every corner, including in the closets and cabinets, and especially where your walls meet, the most powerful corners in your home. By cleaning the corners, you get the greatest energetic rate of return.

Tackle the bathroom

Bathrooms are a place of transition — where you go from dirty to clean. If the bathroom is dirty, you will have a harder time navigating transitions in your life. Wipe the mirrors and get the dust off the top of the toilet tank.

Clean the kitchen

The kitchen, where you prepare the food that nourishes your body and gives you energy, is one of the energetic areas linked to wealth generation. Clean the coils, the oven and the refrigerator bins, and don’t forget to clear the dust off the top of the cabinets.

Don’t delay in getting your home clean. It can do wonders to improve your well-being, mood, health, energy levels and more!

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