Many of us are interested in how environmental energy affects our lives. I’d like to offer some clarity on what feng shui says about colors, mirrors, water, relationships and gifts, by answering the questions I am most often asked:


Q: I thought putting a mirror at the entrance of a home was good feng shui, but someone told me that by doing so, you send all the good energy back out. What is correct?

A: Use common sense when it comes to mirror placement at the entrance. If you stand at the door looking in, what do you see in the mirror? If it reflects something beautiful that draws you in, it will draw that same beautiful energy into your home. If it reflects something neutral, negative or of no interest (such as the nosy neighbor’s front door), place something like a piece of artwork that you love in the mirror’s path to draw in more favorable energy.


Q: I am so confused as to what color to paint the rooms in my house. Every book says something different. Is there a simple way to choose the “right” color?

A: When in doubt, choose colors you see in nature: the browns of the earth, the greens of the trees, the vibrancy of the flowers, the peacefulness of the blue sky and the warm golden glow of the sun. How does that make you feel? When your interior colors reflect those of nature, you bring nature’s life force into your home. Avoid colors that are “artificial” or that you wouldn’t find in nature. You will never go wrong using earth tones as your base color and vibrant floral shades as accents.



Q: I know water fountains are good feng shui, but I also heard that placing them in certain areas is inadvisable. How do I know where to put the fountain to enhance my home’s energy?

A: Placing fountains around the entrance is excellent. Fountains with a directed water flow should face into the home to mirror your movement as you enter. It also is acceptable to place fountains anywhere along the left wall of a home or room, or in the far left corner (as you are standing at the door facing in). Avoid large fountains in the bedroom. Too much water there can disrupt emotions.


Q: I am looking for a partner to share my life with. What is the best way to attract someone using feng shui?

A: Different areas of the home correlate to various areas of your life. Your bedroom and the far right corner of your home (as you stand at your front door facing in) relate to relationships. The number two represents relationships, so pairs of things are favorable in those areas, but do not go overboard.

Make sure that you have just a few items that represent the relationship energy you want to create. Creating the physical space for a partner helps to align the energy for that person to enter your life.

Likewise, make sure to remove from plain view any items associated with past relationships. They could energetically be holding you in the past.



Q: What are some good feng shui gifts to give? Can you give me some ideas that would be appropriate for most occasions?

A: Plants are universally feng shui-positive items. In your home, these small pieces of nature create fresh air and fill the space with healthy energy. Look for plants that are full, lush and vibrant.

Books represent wisdom and knowledge. Giving the gift of a book is a wonderful way to open someone’s mind to something new and exciting.

Fruit or sweets, such as fruit baskets, chocolates and the like symbolize wishes for a full, sweet and abundant life.

For couples, anything in pairs symbolizes a strengthening of the union, so give two of something: pictures, lamps, candles, figurines, etc.

The key to giving a feng shui-positive gift is the intention and the symbolism. Try not to get so caught up in picking the right color, shape and size that choosing a gift becomes difficult. Go with overall meaning.


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