As the mercury rises this summer, don’t let your electric bill do the same. Harness the energy of the sun by making the switch to a solar hot water system, the most cost-effective retrofit and new-build solar system on the market.

With the recent spotlight on renewable power sources, a solar hot water system is still the best value and lowest- cost system available today. That’s because solar hot water systems are designed to reduce water heating costs by as much as 90 percent (note that in Hawaii households, water heating typically accounts for 30-50 percent of utility bills), and a properly installed system can save homeowners anywhere from $15 to $20 per person in electric bills each month.


That’s in addition to the $750 instant rebate from the Hawaii Energy Efficiency Program and other state and federal tax credits homeowners receive upon upgrading to a new solar hot water system.

Besides the incredible (limited) financial incentives, replacing a conventional electric water heater with a solar hot water system also helps save the environment by reducing air pollution, greenhouse gases and further damage caused by transporting and burning fossil fuels.

The reasons to go solar keep getting hotter and hotter, but take a minute to cool your jets before choosing a solar contractor to do the job. With 30-plus years of experience, Poncho’s Solar Service uses only the best-quality materials on all of its systems and offers a 12-year unconditional workmanship warranty on its exclusive premium solar hot water system package — the longest warranty in the business. The locally owned and operated company also is one of the longest- standing companies in Hawaii and employs a full-time team of experienced service crews that can handle any emergency.


Call Poncho’s Solar Service at 422-4266 for a free, noobligation estimate on a solar hot water system. Or, visit the company’s website at www.ponchossolarservices.c om to learn more.