When you think about it, a roof is like a mom. It shelters you from conditions that may harm you, and protects your belongings and general well-being. In honor of Mom this weekend, take time for a little roof pampering with a free roof inspection by Murakami’s Roofing.

25 years experience

Murakami’s Roofing will professionally inspect your roof with an experienced eye that comes from seeing all types of roofs in all conditions. Clinton Murakami has seen it all after years of roofing work, and he started Murakami’s Roofing 25 years ago with his dad.

Murakami said, “What makes my job so fun, even after 25 years, is every roof is a little bit different. It really makes my day when I know I’ve done all I can to deliver great customer service.”



People often call Murakami and describe one of the most common problems in Hawaii: mold. Just like in your shower, your shingles may discolor and darken over time. Aside from being unsightly, mold, algae or fungus growth (under your eave line) is a sign that your roof may be flooded with moisture from rain or stopped-up gutters.

What will help?

Washing the roof down with a zinc treatment is a temporary fix at best, and may not address the real problem. Applying a protective roof coating may help with the mold issues while cooling your roof, but again, may only be a temporary solution and mask the problem.

Depending on the condition of the roof, you may have to reroof or otherwise repair it. Murakami’s Roofing will recommend the best course of action for your budget and provide a written estimate. If you have questions, feel free to call the company. Murakami’s goal is to answer all of your questions until you are satisfied and confident in your decision.

What customers say

Murakami’s Roofing receives a lot of positive feedback from its customers. Here is a customer response to the company’s services:


Really appreciate your responsiveness, the quality, the price, and above all, your follow through to make sure things were taken care of.

Aloha, Randy

Thinking of PV?

Consult Murakami’s Roofing and our electrical contractor partner, All G Electric, before you install a PV system. Murakami’s Roofing will inspect your roof to make sure it is PV-ready, and will recommend the optimal panel layout to maximize energy savings.

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