Hawaii is one of the nation’s most attractive states for home solar electricity with our year-round sunshine and generous state incentives. It also has one of the highest rates of electricity in the country, making solar electricity an important option for homeowners looking for a more affordable alternative to their rising utility rates. With so many benefits, it’s no longer a question of whether or not to “go solar,” but “who do we go with?” and “how can we afford it?”

“We understand that there is a financial barrier for many homeowners looking into solar,” said Eric Carlson, RevoluSun principal. “That’s why we are so excited about the many new lease options that provide easy entry into solar for just about every financial situation.”

How does solar leasing work?


The leasing process is simple. A homeowner signs an agreement to purchase cheaper electricity from the solar system installed on their roof versus what the utility provides them. “Since the leasing company is in the business of ‘selling’ electricity, they are incentivized to make sure that the system is properly maintained and serviced,” said Carlson. “It’s a worry-free situation for the homeowner.”

What to look for in your lease partner

Leasing is a relatively new market, so be sure to conduct a due diligence check on the soundness of the company offering the lease. It’s important that you understand who the company works with and if they have a solid track record. Also, some companies may say that the quality of the panels does not matter; this is wrong.

Panels must work at the highest efficiency to capture the most power, so lesser-grade panels will produce at a lower level, thereby increasing what you owe each month. In other words, poor performance in solar panels will mean a higher cost to the homeowner to compensate for the panels’ inability to generate adequate power.


“We’ve heard stories about homeowners not knowing what type of panels they receive,” Carlson said. “At RevoluSun, we walk our customers through all the options and help them select the best choice, based on quality, to achieve their savings goal.”

Leasing is an excellent option for homeowners who always wanted to “go solar.” It’s the best of both worlds — cut down your monthly electric bills while having a trusted partner to maintain your system.

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