With the cost of electricity and gas on the rise, going green seems to make more and more sense these days. In fact, with the current state and federal tax credits, it seems like a better investment than most traditional savings or investment plans out there.

Homeowners are becoming proactive and taking control of how these never-ending price increases affect them.


Stephaine and Lance Namuo, parents to two teenage boys in a typical local family of four, became tired of seeing their monthly electric bill grow to the equivalent of a car payment. Most of their consumption was attributed to their two freezers, dryer use, intermittent air conditioning use and most of all, their teenagers leaving every electronic device on.

Their monthly electric bill exceeded $500. Additionally, during the six months prior to installing PV, the Namuos watched their electric bill creep up almost $75 from HECO alone, even though electrical consumption stayed the same. Realizing they live in an area with ideal sun exposure (Waianae) for making electricity, and that they could use the tax credits to offset their income, they decided to invest their money in a photo-voltaic system. All G Electric worked closely with the Namuos to create and install a system specific to their needs, and now they enjoy a $40 electric bill (in March), not to mention more frequent use of their split air conditioning system.

With the cost of gas steadily on the rise, electric vehicles look more appealing to Hawaii drivers. Kevin Lee, a local self-employed massage therapist, realized the cost to commute to all his appointments was becoming a burden because of increasing gas prices. This started to affect the profit from each session. He needed to do something quick. Lee’s realization compelled him to invest in an electric vehicle. His Mitsubishi i-MiEV allows him $7,500 in federal tax credits and $4,500 in state tax credits, not to mention other electric vehicle perks like free metered parking in state, city and county lots, at the airport and at UH Manoa campus. More importantly, he enjoys a lowered HECO rate in the evening to encourage charging at night (approximately six cents per kilowatt hour). He was even more excited when ALL G Electric, which previously installed a photovoltaic system on his house, was able to help him install the charger for his new electric vehicle at a more reasonable rate than what the dealership would’ve charged. Lee was able to purchase the charging station himself and hire his own qualified electrician, whom he knows and trusts to install it. Doing this allowed Lee to receive significant savings in comparison with the prices charged by the dealer’s installer. All G Electric was able to apply for his permit, install the unit and pass all required inspections. Kevin now enjoys keeping his money in his pocket, helping the environment and driving his new car. Whoever said a car was a bad investment?


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