The story of The Island Homes Collection, Honsador Lumber’s premier program of prepackaged homes, is one that focuses more on nurturing a vision into reality than the building materials that go into each model.

For decades now, hundreds of curious families who have wanted to eventually own a home have come to Honsador Lumber to get information and begin their journey toward home-ownership. Many who come leave knowing it will be a long road to fruition. Honsador Lumber, with its staff of trained professionals, respectfully assists those families in finding financial literacy assistance so they can realize their dream of owning a home.


For clients who are ready to proceed, The Island Homes Collection helps to take several steps out of the planning and designing stages. More than 30 model variations come predesigned, and when purchased in a standard format, they are generally acceptable to the building department. Ideas on financing, sensible pricing, logical delivery of materials and even bonding to qualified builders are offered. It is truly one-stop buying at its best. All of the materials that go into the homes are of the highest quality. A 20-year, $5,000 Hi-Bor warranty is available when all requirements are met.

Careful thought went into the design and development of all the models offered. Honsador sales consultants have the job of scheduling all the “next moves” to assure a smooth materials supply process. Most prepackaged home kits are completed with very few disappointments along the way. Building a home is an art form, and nothing is ever 100-percent perfect, but Honsador Lumber is there to help throughout the process by ensuring the fewest negative events along the way.

Honsador subscribes to the concept of designing a home that is affordable and can be built easily, thanks to efficient use of space and materials. There are two very attractive models that were recently finished and can be seen in open houses as follows: The first one will be shown May 12 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 91-1026 Kaneoneo Place in Kapolei. The Kilohana model will be shown in a slightly modified version. The second one will be shown May 19 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 41-732 Kumuhau St. in Waimanalo. The Olaloa model will be shown with an added lanai in front. The public is invited to view these homes.


Honsador has shown a sincere desire to help all who come and all who have a dream of owning a home. Many people are ready to buy, and even those who need more time come to open houses and can get more information online at

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