Customization is vital when designing or altering a home or business. It’s the key to making one’s place of work stand out from that of the competition, and it’s the necessary ingredient in turning a house into a home.

Pro Build Hawaii Construction is home to an experienced team of craftsmen that are willing and able to make clients’ dreams a reality. Through its five years, the company has compiled a growing collection of satisfied customers and glowing reviews.


“Our company has a general contractor’s license, so we can handle everything from planning to plumbing and electrical,” said Ken Lau, chief of engineering at Pro Build Hawaii Construction. “It’s a one-stop shop.”

Lau has an extensive background in general engineering, and started working for a construction company while honing his trade at the University of Hawaii.

Lau and his team combine their talents to complete a wide range of projects, from building new homes and businesses from scratch to planning and executing additions and renovations to various structures. They handle every step of the process, from the intricate architectural planning and design to permitting, construction and interior design. In addition to providing fresh design concepts, the company integrates eye-catching materials such as marble, oak and bamboo to accentuate everything from countertops and flooring to cabinetry.


“We work with the home or business owner to create a custom design, and have all sorts of quality materials to work with,” Lau said. “We specialize in building houses, and our prices are very reasonable to match our customers’ budgets. We put passion into every project. We’ve received excellent feedback from our customers.”

Customers can stay updated as to the progress of their job as Pro Build Hawaii Construction will provide clients with updated information, models and images throughout the various phases of construction. As trends in the industry change, the company is well equipped to go with the flow. Whether it involves integrating a specific material or operating within certain budgetary constraints, Pro Build Hawaii Construction is game for the challenge.

“We understand all aspects of construction, and customers are very happy with our work,” Lau said. “Just give us a call, or look at our previous jobs. We do a very nice job on all of our projects, and customers know what to expect.”

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