When it comes to applying the vast array of options available at Golden Cabinets, imagination plays an integral role in the process.

Design consultant LauraJon “LJ” Cornel works with customers to accommodate their storage needs because, as she puts it, “everyone in Hawaii needs more storage space.”


Cornel offers a host of helpful tips for incorporating cabinetry throughout the home, including installing the quality products Golden Cabinets offers in a walk-in closet. For instance, Cornel suggests adding drawer cabinets for clothing storage, and integrating open shelving to match the clients’ needs, including storage of shoes and other accessories.

Cabinetry can also go a long way to improve the storage capacity and aesthetics of a bathroom. As Cornel suggests, “In the bathroom if they want a sitting area, we can use a 6-inch-high drawer between cabinetry and make a nice area to sit and apply make-up, or an open space to put the clothes hamper. If they want a computer station in or near the kitchen or bedroom — or wherever they need it — we can apply the same concept. If customers want a medicine cabinet in the bathroom, we can modify the depth of a wall cabinet and put a mirror in the center panel of the doors.”

Golden Cabinets allows customers to select space-saving cabinetry — made of luxurious cherry, oak and maple — starting at 12 inches deep. For example, a homeowner could enhance storage space near the kitchen by installing a relatively shallow wall cabinet for use as a buffet station, and finish it with a counter-top. Another handy tip from Cornel is to use the cabinets to create a landing area near the front door where keys and cell phones can be deposited (and easily found later!), and possibly include a window seat to enhance the home’s entryway.


A wide range of traditional cabinetry options are available through Golden Cabinets, including 30and 40-inch wall cabinets as well as the option of including glass panels as an added artistic element. Special orders are welcome, and Cornel says that some other possibilities include modifying office areas or sprucing up a garage or lanai with various cabinets and storage elements.

“It feels great when you can sell someone all-plywood construction cabinets with cherry wood doors for an extremely unbelievable price,” says Cornel. “They can upgrade their home and make it nice — they don’t have to live with particle-board cabinets that are falling apart. We can help somebody do the projects that they may otherwise not be able to afford.”

Since 2007, Golden Cabinets has gained a reputation for offering quality, affordable cabinetry to Hawaii’s consumers. According to owner Wayne Cao, Golden Cabinets plans on offering more door styles, wood species and cabinetry selections in the near future. “We truly appreciate each and every one of our clients who (has) given Golden Cabinets the opportunity to fulfill their cabinetry needs,” he says.


For more information or to speak with a design consultant, call 836-8181 or log on to gcgchi.com.

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