Green consumers are no longer a niche group; today, they’re everyday individuals who are willing to go the extra mile to save the planet — provided they receive a bit of return on their investment.

Reduce, reuse, freecycle

How can we put less strain on our natural resources? When you purchase a new item, from furniture to clothing, some types of resources are used to make it. By choosing second-hand items — from that vintage designer dress to the charming antique armoire — you are keeping existing natural resources safely in the ground and products that still may have a long life ahead out of landfills.

Resource reduction

When modern convenience is a must-have, it’s OK to buy new — especially if it helps to conserve resources.

One inexpensive way to promote conservation is by upgrading bath products to water-saving models. Many water-conserving bath products are available for the same price — and with the same functionality — as full-flow models. Moen offers water-saving showerheads in standard and handheld options, including its new single-function, Eco-Performance hand shower, which provides a clean, transitional design and choice of an adjustable wall bracket or 24-inch slide bar, for optimal flexibility. Its flow rate is up to 30 percent less than the industry standard without a noticeable difference in experience.