Open a design magazine or visit a home improvement website and they’ll extol the virtues of repainting as a great way to freshen a room’s decor. But there are plenty of less labor-intensive ways to give a room a new look.

Here are some ideas for upgrading your decor with a lot less work:


Easier painting tasks. One way to take advantage of paint’s power while minimizing the time spent prepping walls and taping trim is to paint a single accent wall. Another effective, fast option is to paint one or two pieces of furniture to add a quick, easy pop of color to a room.

Window treatments. Changing window treatments can be a powerful way to give a room the look of a full facelift while altering only one design element. Consider venturing beyond simple drapes or sheers to window treatments such as cellular shades that offer natural light control and a pop of color.

Products like Simple Fit custom cellular shades by Redi Shade make achieving a custom look easy with cordless positioning and light filtering that create dramatic effects on a room’s ambiance. The honeycomb cellular fabric shades are available in more than 30 colors and three styles that provide light-filtering, blackout and privacy options.


Even better, Simple Fit is designed for DIYers to install in less than a minute, without drills or brackets. The patented compression-mount system means you can install the shades with the touch of a button. Learn more at

Update your accents. Accessories and accents are like jewelry for your room. Throw pillows, area rugs and upholstery afford you the opportunity to add layers of interest with patterns, textures and colors. Updating accents can help create a fresh new look for a room, and it’s a great way to add seasonal appeal to your decor.

Add a mural. Painting a traditional mural is a labor-intensive task that would challenge most DIYers. A wallpaper mural can be a much easier, faster option. You can find a wide selection of scenes and patterns online, or you can even customize a mural with your own original photos and artwork. These murals are easy to install and some even cost less than $100.


Declutter. Removing clutter is one of the fastest, easiest and cost-free ways to refresh the way a room looks. Decluttering allows a room’s design to shine through and can help even the most cramped space feel larger and more welcoming.

With a few simple, low-labor projects, it’s possible to freshen your room’s decor quickly and easily.