Even in a volatile economy, homeowners are making home upkeep a priority. While the number of projects annually had been on the decline in recent years, a study from BuildFax, a resource for building, remodeling and repair information, found remodeling activity was up in 2011. Additional data shows homeowners are opting to invest in projects that benefit their wallets, and the environment.

Know the facts

For one in four consumers, knowing and understanding what makes up general household products is important. As options continue to increase, this attention to research is key to finding efficient products that offer maximum value.

Energy-efficient essentials

According to the 2010 Home Improvement Research Institute Trends Program Report, reducing household energy usage and bills through energy-efficient improvements is the No. 1 reason homeowners make improvements.


“Now is the right time to make efficiency improvements around the home because homeowners will see an immediate impact on their monthly utility bills, and will reap even greater benefits in the long term,” says Frank O’Brien-Bernini, chief sustainability officer at Owens Corning.

Recycling 101

Many building materials and appliances are actually recyclable, which is a better solution for the environment, and may be less costly than you think.

“There are more recyclable materials on and in a home than you might first assume. Millions of tons of shingles torn off from roofs end up in our country’s landfills each year. Fortunately, the technology now exists for all those shingles to be recycled instead,” says O’Brien-Bernini.

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