If you have not visited the Home, Garden & Remodeling Show at Blaisdell Exhibition Hall this weekend, then today is your final chance to come down and see what’s new for your house and patio. The outdoor living space is a valued part of the Hawaii home. The lanai is an extension of most families’ living rooms and should be decorated and furnished with this in mind. It’s a waste to spend thousands of dollars on your own little piece of paradise and not equip it with beautiful and durable furniture. Most folks love the classic look and feel of solid-wood outdoor furniture. There are many things to consider when choosing the right deck furniture.

Island Style Furnishings of Kaneohe has been exhibiting its unique brand of solid Merbau wood, all-weather furniture at the Blaisdell center this weekend. Island Style Furnishings has partnered with a company named Australis Leisure, headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, to produce an outdoor furniture line specifically designed for Hawaii’s environment. Australis Leisure has been producing Merbau-wood furniture, which is designed to survive the harshest conditions imaginable across Australia and the world, for more than 30 years.

Island Style Furnishings has been tailoring this high quality furniture to meet the very specific and demanding conditions found here in Hawaii. Merbau wood (also known as Kwila) is regarded as one of the most durable and stable timbers in the world. It grows in Northern Australia and across Southeast Asia. It is well known as the wood of choice for building docks, decks and flooring. Merbau is the perfect wood for outdoor furniture. It is twice as hard as teak, which makes it resistant to abrasion, pitting or roughening. It is significantly stronger and harder than teak, oak, eucalyptus and meranti, which are other woods commonly used for outdoor furniture. Many different kinds of wood will split if they are moved from a wet environment to a very dry one. Prior to manufacture, Merbau is kiln-dried to a moisture content of 12 percent. This stabilizes the structure of the timber so it doesn’t warp or crack. Merbau is naturally rot-resistant and insect-proof. The wood is not treated or subjected to toxic chemicals. The secret is Merbau’s reddish-brown tannin, which is toxic to bugs. The furniture is constructed using mortise and tenon joints with cross doweling. This prevents the loosening of the components over time. The furniture is only as good as the hardware that holds it together. All the hardware is constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel as well as some nickel-plated brass components. The stainless steel chosen is the 304-grade, which is commonly found in cookware and marine applications.


Proper finishing is crucial to maintain the beauty of the furniture. A multi-step preparation process is used to ensure the best adhesion and penetration of the finish. Each piece is coated with three applications of Sikkens Cetol One™, which provides a protective, durable and beautiful finish without obscuring the grain. This finish is recognized by contractors around the world as being one of the best choices available for preserving the natural beauty of outdoor wood. All prep work and finishing is carried out locally in the company’s Kaneohe facility by specialists to ensure a long-lasting protective coat. Island Style Furnishings also carries Sikkens Cetol One™ for its customers and provides them with detailed maintenance instructions to keep their furniture looking spectacular.

The Australis Leisure brand furniture uses timeless, classic styles that will always look current no matter how old the furniture setting is. The seating is very comfortable, as the contour and shape make sitting for a long period of time pleasurable. Cushions also are available to fit most of the chairs in stock, which are constructed from water and sun-resistant outdoor olefin fabrics. There is a full replacement warranty that extends five years from the date of purchase. This guarantee covers splitting, hardware failure and breakage. Because Island Style Furnishings is the exclusive distributor of Australis Leisure all-weather Merbau furniture in Hawaii, the company can pass the saving onto its customers, which results in an excellent value for the price.

Come visit Island Style Furnishings today at Blaisdell Exhibition Hall and receive 10 percent off any setting. This offer will not be extended past today. Call 384-6038 for a free ticket (limited quantity available).

The company’s permanent location is in Kaneohe at 46-212 Kahuhipa St., directly across from City Mill. The hours of operation are Wednesday through Sunday, 11 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Call 234-1129 or see the online catalog at www.AustralisLeisure.com.au.

CONTACT: 234-1129
WEBSITE: www.AustralisLeisure.com.au



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