The state of Hawaii has set a lofty goal to reduce the state’s energy consumption by 30 percent.

Many residents have taken steps and have contributed to reaching this goal by adding PV systems to their homes. However, that is not the only way to reduce energy consumption. LED Lighting is another viable option to reduce Hawaii’s dependency on foreign oil. These “Light Emitting Diodes” can produce light as bright as day, while consuming a fraction of the power, and Hawaii Home Expo has found the highest-quality LED product available.


BetaLEDs, from Ruud Lighting, are by far the best LEDs on the market. While many other LED products have a life of 50,000 hours, the BetaLEDs have a life of 150,000 hours. The optics have 22 different positions, so there are more than 20,000 different alignments for these products. This means that the fixture is designed so that the light is delivered exactly where it is needed. These are a perfect solution for security lights and for the garage. Based on the BetaLED’s life, a security light that is on for 10 hours every night, will last for more than 40 years and will use less than half the power of a typical halogen flood light.

While it is imperative for residents to do their part to reduce overall energy consumption, the state also can help itself in achieving this goal. BetaLEDs can be used for street lighting, parking garages and even at the airport. Not only would the overall energy consumption be reduced, but more uniform, better lighting would be provided, making our streets safer. In addition to saving costs on electrical consumption, the state also would save money on the cost of replacement lamps as well as maintenance for the 30-plus years of service from BetaLEDs.

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