With Earth Day a week away, RevoluSun is sparking an energy revolution right here in Hawaii, as it helps local families harness the power of the sun to make affordable, clean, renewable electricity on their own rooftops. And that’s not all.

Last month, RevoluSun received the Residential National Top Producer of the Year from SunPower Corp., the world’s foremost manufacturer of high-performance solar technology during the SunPower Regional Dealer Conferences in Richmond, Calif. RevoluSun, a SunPower Elite Dealer, beat out not just other Hawaii SunPower dealers, but more than 400 other solar firms nationwide to receive this coveted award.


“The SunPower Dealer Network is an elite group of solar contractors,” said Eric Carlson, RevoluSun principal. “To be at the top of this list is no easy feat. We are extremely proud of our team’s dedication to providing the very best of solar products and installation methods to Hawaii homeowners. Being a locally owned company and bringing this award home to Hawaii is a huge honor.”

Design and installation leader

RevoluSun installed 7.1 megawatts (MW) of residential solar energy in 2011, and to date has designed and installed more than 20 MW of clean, renewable energy since the company was founded just shy of three years ago in 2009. In fact, according to data from the City & County of Honolulu’s Daily Permit Bulletin for calendar year 2011, based on “contractor” data field, RevoluSun installed 951 residential solar systems, more than double that of the next closest competitor.

“It has always been RevoluSun’s goal to accelerate the use of solar energy and help Hawaii move away from fossil fuels,” Carlson added. “By focusing on core items — solar technology, installation methods, customer service and financing programs — we continue to demonstrate our commitment to Hawaii homeowners interested in solar electricity.”


RevoluSun also received a 94-percent client-satisfaction rating from a SunPower survey of residential clients.

Commit to green energy

And with Earth Day coming up, the firm is encouraging Hawaii homeowners to “join the RevoluSun” by committing to developing clean, renewable energy on their own rooftop. The average Hawaii family will spend more than $100,000 on electricity over the next 25 years, which is the warranty life of most solar panels. Yet, Hawaii homeowners have a myriad of options available to help them produce solar electricity right away, at just a fraction of that cost.

RevoluSun invites those interested in learning more about solar energy to stop by a RevoluSun solar open house, held every weekend around Oahu, or visit one of RevoluSun’s educational solar seminars.


Providing the highest quality of service, technology and design in renewable energy, RevoluSun is bringing cleaner, smarter energy to communities, one rooftop at a time. With its extensive network of alternative energy partners, a multitude of financing options and detailed knowledge of federal and state tax incentives, RevoluSun makes renewable solar energy an affordable, attractive option for both homeowners and businesses.

Hawaii-owned RevoluSun offers free, understandable energy evaluations to its residential clients, which allow for customized systems based on each home’s unique energy needs. RevoluSun also provides a robust community education program aimed at educating homeowners on how solar works and what tax incentives are available through its free solar education series and solar open house programs. For commercial and government projects, RevoluSun is pioneering new models in renewable energy that provide maximum value, expertise and service, while ensuring its clients structure the best possible business models to take advantage of local, renewable energy opportunities. For more information about RevoluSun, visit www.RevoluSun.com or call 748-8888.